GRAFICA VENETA S.p.a., Eigentümerin der Internetseite, bemüht sich so sorgsam wie möglich, die Methoden der Verarbeitung der personenbezogenen Daten der User und der Besucher der Internetseiten, sowie der Kunden und Lieferanten, zu beschreiben. Überdies handelt es sich hierbei um eine Information im Sinne von Art. 13 des Gesetzesvertretenden Dekrets Nr. 196 vom 30. Juni 2003 für Besucher von Diensten, die auf unserer Website angeboten und über das Internet bereitgestellt werden. Die Information gilt nicht für andere Internetseiten, die möglicherweise über die vorhandenen Links zu erreichen sind und für die GRAFICA VENETA S.p.a. keinerlei Haftung übernimmt. Die folgenden Angaben basieren auch auf der Empfehlung Nr. 2/2001 des Europäischen Datenschutzbeauftragten zum Schutz personenbezogener Daten, die am 17. Mai 2001 gemäß Art. 29 der Richtlinie Nr. 95/46/EG angenommen wurde und insbesondere die Erfassung von personenbezogenen Daten im Internet betrifft. Sie haben das Ziel, die Mindestmaßnahmen festzulegen, die gegenüber den betroffenen Personen ergriffen werden müssen, um (in Anwendung der Art. 6, 7, 10 und 11 der Richtlinie 95/46/EG) die Billigkeit und Rechtmäßigkeit derartiger Praktiken zu gewährleisten.

What cookies are and what they are used for

1. Definition of “cookies” and similar technology.

Cookies are small text files sent from a visited website to a user’s device (pc, smartphone, tablet,  console, etc.)  while the user is browsing that website.  Cookies enable a number of functions and collect information regarding the user’s online activities. When browsing a website, a user’s terminal may happen to receive cookies from other websites, web services and providers (so-called “third party cookies”) which may include certain items (such as images, maps, sound files, links to individual web pages on other domains) that are present on the website the user is visiting. There are several types of cookies;  however, they all share the common purpose of making the website more effective, enabling certain features and improving the user’s experience. GRAFICA VENETA Spa, in its capacity as Data Controller, in compliance with applicable Data protection regulations and, particularly, the Italian Data Protection Authority’s “Simplified Arrangement to provide information and obtain consent regarding cookies” issued on 8 May 2014 (published in the Official Gazette no. 126 of June 2014), hereby provides information regarding the use of cookies on this Website.

2. Technical cookies

These types of cookies are necessary to enable the proper working of certain areas of the website and include both persistent and session cookies. Without these cookies, the website, or parts of it, may not function properly. Therefore, regardless of the preferences expressed by the user, these cookies are used for the purposes of data authentication, monitoring browsing sessions and memorizing technical data regarding users who access this Website. The user’s prior consent is not necessary to install these cookies.  However, the Data Controller is required to provide the information under Section 13 of the Privacy Code insofar as these types of cookies are strictly necessary to provide the services requested.

3. Profiling cookies

In addition to technical cookies, this website also uses profiling cookies, which are aimed at creating user profiles based on the tastes, choices and preferences expressed by the user when browsing and subsequently used to send ad messages in line with these preferences.  Given the invasive nature of these cookies on a user’s privacy, legislation requires that users be properly informed and give their valid consent (art. 122, paragraph 1 of the Privacy Code: “Storing information, or accessing information that is already stored, in the terminal equipment of a contracting party or user shall only be permitted on condition that the contracting party or user has given his consent after being informed in accordance with the simplified arrangements mentioned in section 13(3”). In this regard, the Data Controller reminds users that they may, at any time, edit their cookie preferences or disable the use of cookies in their browser, though this may prevent the User from accessing certain parts of the Website.Each browser has its own cookie management procedures.  You can find useful information on the most popular browsers at the following links:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

Thus, without prejudice to the User’s rights regarding the data managed by means of cookies,  it should be noted that, pursuant to article 122, paragraph 2 of the Privacy Code, the consent to the use of such cookies is given by the party concerned through the individual setting selected for the browser in use to navigate the website.

4. Third-party cookies

When browsing a website, a User’s terminal may happen to receive cookies from other websites, web services or providers (so-called “third party cookies”): This happens because a visited website may contain items such as images, maps, sound files, links to individual web pages on different domains that are located on servers other than the one where the visited page is stored. In other words, the cookies are directly installed by the manager of the website, web server or provider other than the manager of the visited website.  In these cases, GRAFICA VENETA Spa. would like to point out that third-party cookies are outside its control and are sent by an external entity. The matter was further clarified by the Italian Data Protection Authority in its Provision of 8 May 2014: “Being the data controller, the operator of any website making use of cookies is required to inform users about the nature and purpose of cookies and obtain their prior consent,. Where a website allows the installation of “third-party” cookies, it is the obligation of the third party to provide information and obtain the user’s consent. Users must be properly informed, even in accordance with the simplified arrangements provided for by law, whenever they access a website which allows the installation of third-party cookies or whenever they access contents supplied by third parties.  The information must be provided prior to the installation of the cookies on the user’s terminal”.


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